iDOS 1.0 one day report

Despite a short stay in AppStore for a few hours,  iDOS was grabbed by a lot of people in time:-)

It all started with the thread iDOS – DOS Emulator on touch arcade, became popular with the blog, and then was removed from App Store. I wasn’t there to witness the pull, but most of the sales should happen in its last 5 hours.

Another interesting thing is it doesn’t show up in any game categories, probably because I didn’t assign a secondary category for it. Emulator is not a kind of game, but it basically runs all kinds of games.  So I was not sure which category it should be.  And now I’ve found that even installing windows has become quite popular a game for iDOS users.

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  1. Dakota says:

    Just go to pyrofilmsFX website put your date to 2012 and install idos free no jb

  2. I got what you mean, regards for posting. Woh I am lucky to find this website through google.

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  10. Michael says:

    Man… I can’t believe it. I saw the app on Toucharcade, but I misread the price as $9.99, so I didn’t get it! I’m incredibly angry at myself. I wish I could still get a legit copy… I really don’t want to jailbreak.

    • Michael says:

      Is there still a way for me to get iDOS without jailbreaking?

    • litchie litchie says:

      I understand your pain.. but you may have to wait a while and pray for their approval:)

      Things can be easier you’re an app dev, you can build from the code.

    • Future says:

      I missed it too, i was like “oh, ill buy it later”

      But when I checked later it was gone. :(

  11. Crish says:


    I´m really a big fan of iDos but I couldn´t grab a copy on iTunes. Luckily there still is the beta on Cydia and I downloaded this one. Since there is no way to actually buy it right now and I´d love to show my support I wonder if there is a way to donate and help you keep going?

  12. Dominus says:

    Aside from my bitching in the other blog entry, what is the net from such a sale? Apple takes 30% (or 40%?) and then there are taxes. Do these depend on where you live or how does that work?
    Not trying to stab you from behind when I can say how much you earned from these five hours, really I’m just genuinely interested for interests sake ;)

    • litchie litchie says:

      Months of work, one day sale. I did receive donation from some people, but after all it is a small sum. If you think it is still profitable, please do it yourself.

      • Dominus says:

        Badabing badabang… As I wrote I was interested in how much one gets from the 0.99 and I think I made clear that I didn’t want to make stink of how much profit you made from that.
        Thanks for the non answer.

        • litchie litchie says:

          No one knows the answer until Apple gives the financial report. From my experience it can be unexpectedly less than your own calculation from raw sales, but I never have the financial knowledge to find out why..

  13. Soryu Dragon says:

    So at $0.99 x 6,561 (guessing not everybody used the promo code.
    That’s instant money.
    Time to get into the App biz.

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