iDOS 2.0.1 is ready (UPDATE: removed)

The biggest change from iDOS 1.0: iTunes file sharing is now turned off.

That means you will not be able to install windows nor games from your old disc collection. However, it has quite a lot of new features to compensate for the loss:

- 6 shareware games from 3D Realms, including famous titles like wolf3d, duke1, duke2, major striker.  Thanks to the virtue of good old DOS games, the app is still very small.

- A super simple game launcher. You can play games without any knowledge about dos commands. All games are properly configured, so you don’t have to tweak dospad.cfg anymore. For expert users, you can still use command line to launch games and edit dospad.cfg right in app.

- Virtual gamepad/joystick. With iDOS 1.0, you may not be able to get to floor 3 in wolf3d, but now you can!

- Better landscape mode. And now iPhone has portrait mode interface.

- Bluetooth keyboard support. It is for text based games only.

iDOS 2.0 is free. Visit iDOS in AppStore.

1. For people who already own iDOS 1.0, please back up your binary before update.

2. iDOS runs best on iPad. Minimum Requirement: iPhone 3GS or later models.

3. An elder brother of iDOS, known as DOSPad,  is living inside Cydia space.

Q: Why not submit it as a separate app?
A: First of all, if I had a better name for it, I’d definitely submit it as a new app :) More importantly, like many people commented on iDOS 1.0,  it is not really that good to play. It is for retro gaming, so anyway we need an update to address the playability issue.

Update: I am convinced, I’ll see if we can have a separate app, everyone will be better off.

Update 2: iDOS is removed because the ability to run custom executable is violating the appstore policy.

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73 Responses to iDOS 2.0.1 is ready (UPDATE: removed)

  1. Leo says:

    I love the full keyboard, but could there be an option to use the regular apple keyboard so I can use my Bluetooth keyboard? Thanks!

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  3. Nicolas Grignon says:

    I had the chance to download this very nicely done app before the big censors at Apple remove it. I’m very impressed, so far I tried F117, Red Baron and red lightning and ALL worked fine!!! the only problem is the speed, is it just possible to get fluid fps on a ipod/iphone 4 gen? I would so much like to play my old simulations on my Ipod… but the choppy framrate kills the experience…

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  5. Raffi says:

    i was able to get idos 2 but i reinstalled my mac and didn’t save my itunes folder so all apps are gone. now the app is pulled from store. what can i do to get idos again? is there a way???

    • Brian says:

      I would also love to know how to get the original. With sync capability. They have released DOSpad to Cydia why not the original version….

  6. alex says:

    thank you for idos! i run warcraft 2, total commander, windows 95, windows 98(slow), windows ME (too slow), mario, duke nukem 3d, nfsm and more more more! thx!

  7. unitron6991 says:

    so how can I get the 2.0 version?

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  9. Magicman says:

    Wow, it got removed for custom commands? LOL Apple is going to be checking your apps for everything now :P but im going to try to put some windows on my ipod 4g :P hope it works.


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  11. Bob Jones says:

    Just wanted to say great work. My requests:

    1) Allow for full screen – i saw a screenshot somewhere, but cant find the option
    2) Make the dpad a little bigger.. some games are difficult to play because the directions dont register
    3) I see how you can access the C drive in Phone Explorer, but is there a way to access the Z drive, and change DOS?
    4) 16MB is rather small.. how can this be adjusted (which is why #3 above)

    • litchie litchie says:

      When you hold your iphone/ipad in landscape mode, it should automatically enter fullscreen mode.

      Thanks for the feedback on dpad size.

      16MB is the memory size for DOS.

  12. joe says:

    Is there any reason why iDOS 2 requires iOS 4? I’m still on 3.2 on my iPad and plan one staying there for the moment. Also, will iDOS 2 appear in cydia, now that it’s gone from the AppStore? (btw, whats the correct repo adress? The old one doesn’t seem to work anymore.)



  13. JS Lee says:

    To the amazing folks at Fast Intelligence, I just have this to say:
    Thank you for creating this emulator. It shall be on my Ipad for a very long time.
    To those who decided to pull it:
    We are an endangered breed, those of us who were fortunate to see the birth of the gaming industry through Dos. You were never there and if you were, you never understood.

  14. JS Lee says:

    My ode to iDos

    To the amazing folks at Fast Intelligence, I just have this to say:

    To those who decided to pull it:

  15. repapermunky says:

    So let me ask you this friend: #1 Was it removed because of my exploit? #2 Who removed it, you or Apple?

  16. kirfy says:


    To get to root with new idos:
    C:\>mount d /
    Mount root is harmful.

    C:\>mount d /var
    Drive D is mounted as local directory /var/


  17. repapermunky says:

    I figured out how to get to the root/ file system.

    Do the following commands:

    C:\>mount d /
    Mount root is harmful.

    C:\>mount d /var
    Drive D is mounted as local directory /var/



    DONE! You heard it from me, repapermunky, first ladies and gents! DO IT BEFORE THEY FIND OUT! (i dont even know if this is already known by the majority but ill put it here anyway)

    • JS Lee says:

      Tested and working under idos 2.0.1:

      Sword of the Samurai
      Romance of the 3 Kingdoms II

    • Samo says:

      /var/ isn’t the root!

      If you know what your doing there is still a way to access the root using mount. It gives you access to etc, private, bin folders etc.

  18. david says:

    can we have some buttons that voiceover can speak and also a way to move the keyboard out of the way?

  19. David says:

    I love this app! Can you add bungie’s marathon to the app? Please?

  20. JP2010 says:

    lol, i am now running a Atari 800XL/130XE emulator on iDos. Kewl, now i can play my old Atari games on my iPad.

  21. anonymous says:

    It’s just as easy to use iPhone Explorer…and Windows 3.11 will still install without a hitch, in addition to any games that you want. Dinopark Tycoon FTW

  22. JP2010 says:

    The iphone explorer trick works. With that programm msdos games and programms can be installed in iDos. Great!!

    What i didnt get, what are the specs of this pc? I installed descent on it, but it runs very very slow… Also superkarts ( a game i love and played a lot on my pc) can not run propperly..

  23. Yann says:

    Phoneview is your best friend with idos 2.x just my 2c

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  26. Just a heads up… it breaks on iOS 4.3 beta 2. The crash happens part way into the startup splash.

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  28. isthar says:

    How does one uninstall a game added from within the UI?

  29. Michael Frazier says:

    Since you are the only one who can add programs for iDOS. Could you please add the freeware fractal program FractInt. You can get the download from:

    This is a great DOS program that has not been updated to run on current systems.

  30. Andy says:

    Can’t you include the DOS version of the Lynx web browser so we can download stuff to it and just to have Lynx.

  31. portalman says:

    Hi litchie, thx for the update. Is there any plan to fix the “core=dynamic” bug? I tried this on my iPT4 and iDos crash.

  32. Jake Gelly says:

    is there anyway of getting 1.0 without jail breaking?

  33. Jake Gelly says:

    I am so disappointed that i missed iDos 1.0 i dont want to play the old games :L
    i wanted to run then programs i made in dos coz im just learning programing :/
    is the any way of getting ver 1.0 without jail breaking?
    could you submit 1.0 again under a different name and see if they except it for 30 seconds?, probably not :(

  34. Xeyad says:

    I just discovered a solution to install games, even if you aren’t JAILBROKEN! :)

    1) Update to iDOS 2.0.1

    2) Download iPhone Explorer (or any other iPhone/iPad explorer that will let you see the apps folder)

    3) Find iDOS within your apps: look for (.litchie.idos), and open it

    4) Open “Documents” folder; that’s the C: drive in iDOS

    5) Drag & drop your files, and you can even put them directly to the “Games” folder

    6) Enjoy :)

    * To be clear, I’ve used this on a non-jailbroken iPad with iOS 4.2.1

    • Leokid says:

      Tried and working!

      I installed ThemePark and loads it using the command prompt. It’s working, however perhaps it’s too much strain on my 3GS it runs laggy.

      Plus the mouse problem. It’s unprecise, while the button left click is not really working. I dunno if these problems due to the games itself, or due to the iDOS.

      Will be trying with lots of other games, of course! Kudos for the developer, extra kudos for making this wonderful app gratis!

      • litchie litchie says:

        Tap at the dos screen is always a button left click.

        • Subhaneel says:

          Hi!Great job on the DosBox port! One question, what riulosteon does it emulate? As iPad is 1024 768 so it would be good if it supports that. The reason I’m asking is Windows 3.1 looks like its running in VGA 640 480 16 colors, and when I try to switch the display adapter to SVGA, Windows 3.1 no longer starts.

    • Leokid says:

      And nope, i haven’t jailbreak at all, and not intended to.

      iPhone 3GS
      iOS 4.2.1

    • EchoDB says:

      Works perfectly. Now the Phone Disk application I bought for my mac connects to the idos mount!, I’ve copied over 4gb of dos games, brilliant stuff. Now I just wish that scummvm would come to the app store!

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  36. tepon says:

    Uggh… I understand why you did this, but since it’s free anyway, why not just make it a new app with a different name? Now those of us who bought ver 1 will have to do a silly back and forth dance every time we want to update. Otherwise we will have to update apps individually and see the “1″ badge on the app store forever.

    • litchie litchie says:

      “we will have to update apps individually and see the “1″ badge on the app store forever.”

      Yes, I agree it’s a pain. I’ll try to open a new app.

  37. dave says:

    Can I backup v1 to another disk then upgrade to v2. If I want v1 back, can I delete v2 and then reinstall v1 from my local hard drive?

  38. Xeyad says:


    I missed your first release of iDOS, but I got this one.

    Instead of using iTunes filesharing, you can make your own file transfer program, because apps like GoodReader have it too. Or use the other many transfer system like dropbox or just regular WiFi transfer. A lot of apps allow for that, so I think you can make it too.

    Please, I want to play some awesome DOS games, and the games you are offering, while they’re good, it just not what I want

    Hope you consider my advice


    • litchie litchie says:

      Sorry but we’re not allowed to transfer executables (A.K.A programs) into iDOS, not with iTunes file sharing, nor with Dropbox, nor any other way than bundled in app. That’s appstore policy.

      • Xeyad says:

        Ah, I thought of a way but it didn’t work :(

        I was going to put the .exe files on GoodReader, then root mount from iDOS, and get the files from there, and copy it to the GAMES folder in C:/

        but you blocked the root mount in iDOS, saying it is “harmful” :(

        oh well….it’s the price to pay for not using DOSPad in Cydia…

        • litchie litchie says:

          it’s clever, but it won’t work…

          Sure you can mount GoodReader’s directory, but you can’t read from that directory. Trust me on this one.

          • Xeyad says:

            you’re the developer after all…so I trust you :)

          • Xeyad says:

            Ok I thought of another solution:

            why don’t you create a web-browser inside the app, that will let the user download the files. Because the games you have offered, are being brought from an http server, right? So instead of that, give us a browser that will let us download the games :)

  39. André Haase says:

    I would really miss the iTunes file sharing if I would update to the new version.

    Maybe you could add Dropbox support in next version. With this we could put files to iDOS via Dropbox.

  40. anonymous says:

    Oof, I’d rather have to shell out another $0.99 for the update than lose the ability to hit Update All without obliterating 1.0.

    • litchie litchie says:

      One way is to load all your favorite games inside iDOS 1.0, and then go update without look back. Everybody has his own favorites, but I think it should be a handful of them.

      • anonymous says:

        How many games (favorite or not) were done for DOS? Put it all on iDOS 1.0 and it’s done.

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