iDOS 1.0.1 in Review (REJECTED)

When I left the iDOS thread in touch arcade, it is like 12 pages, now when I check it again, it is more than 45 pages! I guess I missed the fun part. There are so many wonderful screenshots, definitely better than my poor ones in appstore.

The moment when someone told me it is illegal to bundle those two little games, I put up with a new update to remove them.  Bundling games is never my intention; they are there to serve demo purpose. Otherwise people would stuck at the command prompt.  If this is the sole reason this app get pull I will be extremely sorry for ruin the fun.

Some people report they can mount root directory. But I doubt if they can do anything further except for directory listing.  If this is going to be a security issue, I think iOS should not permit such access in the first place. Anyway, I am willing to fix this issue if this is part of the reason.

The only thing we can do is wait for approval.

UPDATE: Rejected because an app must not install executables.

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  1. Soryu Dragon says:

    I understand that iDOS and DOSPAD are pretty much the same thing. Correct me if I’m wrong here, iPad is different in the way that you do not jailbreak your iPad/iPhone. So, many of the great tutorials and such for DOSPad probably do not apply because you need to jailbreak your iDevice in order to fully take advantage of what DOSPAD is about.

    Is there any plans for an iDOS Only (non-jailbroken) Forum for Tutorials/guid/How To Guides? After all there are lots of limitations because it’s not jailbroken.

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  3. Onks says:

    any status about the approval? how long does the last approval take?

  4. nivyPiece says:

    Warning balalumba here

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  6. Dominus says:

    @litchie, yes, sorry, I’m a bit harsh. I do congratulate you on your success and for making dosbox work on the ios.

    @soryu: there are no games being sold based on Dosbox… If you mean the old games that get sold by using Dosbox, it’s a bit different, though only a little bit AND people have complained and still are complaining about a lack of Dosbox support (andkudos) from those parties. Just because you haven’t read this doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
    And the reason why I’m harping on litchie has been written up there.

    • litchie litchie says:

      I hardly call it a success.

      If you build dospad from source, you will find the same credit page, it just doesn’t release yet. It is not polished, I will add more thanks words in future, really don’t want to hurt feelings of dosbox fans.

    • Soryu Dragon says:

      @Dominus: Not trying to start an argumentive conversation here but a month ago I “Bought and paid” for games from Steam Online Store… The “Id Software Collection”. All the “DOS” games are all using DOSBox to load and run the games. (Wolf3d, Heretic, Hexen,etc…). Without DOSbox, these games would never have been able to run on my i7-980 CPu system. They needed to have DOSBox in order to sell their product to hundreds of online buyers.

      As for “software” being sold by using DOSBox. How is his app any different, it’s an app that “uses” DOSBox. If anything DOSPAD/iDOS is just “useing” DOSbox for his product. It’s up to the user to decide how to utilize this on a different platform.

      My initial main point was to say, give the man a break. Litchie is doing a good thing here for those of us that want to enjoy our old softeware on new hardware.

      In all honesty, if the DOSBox dev team is not going to come up with a method to use DOSBox on the iPhone/iPad platform, then somebody needs to make this happen. Goodness knows the Dev team support almost all other platforms.

      • Dominus says:

        Reread what I wrote, I’ll sum it up:
        people know that games are being sold useing dosbox to make them play
        I think that’s a bit different but not much different
        People on the dev team are not happy about the way it is being done
        People on the dev team are not happy about the way this port is going (so much that coming features, like savestates, will most likely not being licensed the same way)
        It’s not about doing it themselves but charging for 99.99999% of code that is open sourced and freely availlable and has been worked on for years

        • litchie litchie says:

          Please let “not happy people on the dev team” reach to me offline. Have you checked out the code see how much effort has been done? Prior to dospad, there has been many attempts to port dosbox to iOS since iPhone was launched 2007, but I didn’t see any outcome of it at the time I decided to do it myself. And, if that’s so easy to add just 0.00001% code, then why don’t you or somebody else roll up your sleeves and do it yourself? I guarantee you it is all hard and dirty work.

          If DOSBox team doesn’t want the code for commercial use, they should state that term in the license. Otherwise people are free to use the source code as long as they respect the terms in the license. Honestly I am not sure if dosbox team agrees with your so called not-charging-money-spirit. In fact, I am helping DOSBOX project by contributing my own work as open source, at least they will have a reference when they want to do it themselves.

          Enough said on this matter. I am better off to write some code.

          • Dominus says:

            if you don’t believe me, go to #dosbox on The developers can be found there (mostly active in european timezone) and where I normally idle as well.
            Curiosly I was defending your project there and arguing with you here ;)
            Again I’m not saying you didn’t do anything and you did achieve what others didn’t (though I suspect those others were “just” not skilled enough). I NEVER wrote that porting to ios is easy.

          • Dominus says:

            for others, I think Litchie and I settled our dispute via email.

            Just an heads up:
            Seems to me that if anyone objects to iDos on the App Store on grounds of Apple breaking the GPL, iDos would be off the App Store (since Apple rather throws out GPLed Software than changing their license).
            This is NOT saying Litchie breaks the GPL, he really is not, Apple breaks it.
            (in a nutshell, if I got it right, the GPL prohibits licensing GPL software in another way and Apple throws its license on top of any software in the App Store – the above link is just the example of VLC, which will probably be thrown out the App Store soon…)

  7. Soryu Dragon says:

    Ok, why are you harping on litchie… He’s doing a good thing here and using this awesome DOSBox software. If he’s charging for it, then let the people buy it.
    If he does not want to thnx DOSBox for their great software, then why should he? Although he does give kudo’s to them, so I say “Kudos to litchie” for thanking them.

    I’ll tell you now, there are many BIG name companies out there selling old DOS games based on DOSBox so they can work on current systems and making a killing on it. And nobody is complaining about it.

  8. Dominus says:

    Yes, regular visitor on the dospad site and Dosbox forum.
    I did see that but that is about it. No mention of dosbox in dospad, in idos the based on dosbox shows in the credits but no thanks mentioned there.
    And as I wrote a more prominent mention of Dosbox might be in order as people tend to overlook this (even right there on the dospad comments).
    Just want you to think about it when you sell a free open source program (yes, you did code stuff to make it work, as you noticed I have been following your progress for some time and gave you some advice as well – but in comparison to the whole source of dosbox, how much code did you add?) and got quite some money in just five hours.

  9. litchie litchie says:

    No much information yet. We do have contacts, but the reason still unclear.

  10. DarkFame says:

    Did Apple never tell you why your app got pulled?

  11. Dominus says:

    Almost no one knows that iDos or Dospad is based on Dosbox, comments here, the dospad site and other sites where idos was mentioned, show that.

    Again a thank you to the Dosbox team is at least in order, don’t you think? They are indie developers as well and need to feed themselves too, so thanking them for your profit off the 6500 sales is something you should consider.

    • litchie litchie says:

      I think you’re the regular visitor Dominus to, aren’t you? How come you didn’t notice this: “Based on DOSBOX 0.74; Kudos to DOSBOX team for making this possible!”

      And almost all blog posts I read mentioned open source dosbox project.

  12. litchie litchie says:

    Everyone knows that iDOS or DOSPAD is based on DOSBOX. But just as chrome is based on webkit, you don’t have to call it gWebkit. The look and feel varies. It is far more than redistributing.

    DOSPAD is free and with donation option, I don’t see there is any problem in this model.

    If iDOS stays in appstore, I definitely will donate to dosbox team as many people do to me. But again as an indie developer, I need to feed myself and pay for rent, if you’re not ok with it, you don’t have to buy it. Just grab the free version or build from source code.

  13. Dominus says:

    In the spirit of DOSBox I ask you to reconsider the name and use the DOSBox name and stop charging money for it. Of course the License of Dosbox doesn’t prevent you from that but the spirit of the work you are using does.
    At least a mention of the Dosbox team in your thanks and more prominently stating that you are redistributing Dosbox would be a gesture (and of course donating parts of your earnings of iDos to the Dosbox team would help too).

  14. Pavel Gertman says:

    Please make iDOS available in Russian AppStore.

  15. litchie litchie says:

    Yes. It will probably be rejected by rule 2.8:

    • Apps that install or launch other executable code will be rejected

  16. The Arkady says:

    So, isn’t it that Apple doesn’t allow for Apps that might allow arbitrary code execution?

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